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Tender Grassfed Barbecue: Traditional, Primal and Paleo by Stanley A. Fishman
By Stanley A. Fishman
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By Stanley A. Fishman



I am an attorney and an author, not a doctor. This website is intended to provide information about grassfed meat, what it is, its benefits, and how to cook it. I will also describe my own experiences from time to time. The information on this website is being provided for educational purposes. Any statements about the possible health benefits provided by any foods or diet have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

I do receive some compensation each time a copy of my book is purchased. I receive a very small amount of compensation each time somebody purchases a book from Amazon through the links on this site, as I am a member of the Amazon affiliate program.

—Stanley A. Fishman, author of Tender Grassfed Meat



Portrait of Stanley Fishman

Stanley Fishman, author of Tender Grassfed Meat: Traditional Ways to Cook Healthy Meat

I had been chronically ill with a number of different illnesses since I was 13, including asthma, periodic depression, chronic bronchitis, and skin and digestive disorders. The asthma was particularly severe. I made dozens of trips to the emergency room with asthma attacks that could have killed me. I received extensive medical treatment, which only gave temporary relief, while the underlying illness continued to get worse. I was exposed to toxic chemicals twice at work in 1998, landing in the emergency room both times. After the second time, my lungs were in such bad shape that I could not work. After a number of tests, the doctors told me that I would never get better, and that my lungs would never heal. I realized at that moment that the medical profession could not help me. I also realized that I had an important decision to make. I could either accept the medical death sentence I had just been given, or I could refuse to accept it.

I refused to accept the medical death sentence. I had to find another way to get well. I had been an attorney for a number of years, and had developed excellent research skills. I used these skills to learn everything I could about medicine and healing. I soon realized that the medical profession was focused on profit, rather than making people well. I learned that the key to health was nutrition. We literally are what we eat, and a good diet is the foundation of health and healing.

Today, more than 11 years after the medical death sentence, I am in the best health of my adult life. All of my illnesses and symptoms are gone. I enjoy robust good health, and my powerful immune system keeps me well. My breathing is fine. What did I do? I avoided toxic factory foods and medication, and ate a traditional, natural diet based on the teachings of Dr. Weston A Price and the Weston A. Price Foundation.

As part of this process, I made the switch to grassfed and grass finished meat. I totally ruined the first grassfed meat I cooked. It was so bad I could not chew it, let alone swallow it. I once again used my research skills to learn how grassfed meat was cooked in the past, reading over 300 books in the process. After much trial and error, I succeeded in adapting these methods to the modern kitchen, and cooked grassfed meat that was not only tender, but absolutely delicious. I have used this knowledge to write Tender Grassfed Meat: Traditional Ways to Cook Healthy Meat and Tender Grassfed Barbecue: Traditional, Primal and Paleo. These books make it easy to prepare grassfed meat that is tender and delicious.

In this website, I will share more of what I know about cooking grassfed meat and the health blessings of this wonderful food. I will also share what I have learned about becoming healthy and staying healthy.