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By Stanley A. Fishman
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Thanksgiving, Freedom, and S510

By Stanley Fishman, Author of Tender Grassfed Meat

Sunrise beyond Mayflower the 2nd
Creative Commons License photo credit: joiseyshowaa

Thanksgiving is about more than eating, traveling, and watching football games. The very name of the holiday describes its purpose—it is about giving thanks. It is about paying attention to the blessings in our lives, and being grateful for them.

The settlers who created Thanksgiving left their homes to seek freedom. In England, they could not practice their faith. The food they could eat was heavily restricted. They could not hunt. They had no say in the laws that governed every aspect of their lives. They were willing to leave everything they knew—the very world that was known to them—to seek freedom. They moved to a strange land. They suffered terribly. Many of them starved to death. Yet when times became better, they gave thanks for what they had.

Our freedom is at risk—the freedom enjoyed by every previous generation of Americans—the basic human freedom to choose what we eat is in danger.

S510 could give total control over agriculture to the FDA. S510 calls for the imposition of “best agricultural practices,” which is another of way of saying that the government will dictate every step of how every crop is grown. Since the FDA favors factory food, chemicals, GMOs, and radiation, they would have the power to impose these methods on all farmers. The FDA could destroy real food, and we would lose our freedom to choose our food. The FDA has stated in court documents that we do not have a right to choose our food.

As Thanksgiving approaches, I think over what happened during the year, and remember the good things I have been blessed with.

I am thankful for real food, the food that saved my life and restored my health.

I am thankful to every farmer who produces real food.

I am thankful to everyone who has fought for the very existence of real food, by raising their voice against S510.

The First Thanksgiving

The settlers, who sailed on the Mayflower and founded the Plymouth colony, left England so they could practice their religion without persecution. When they landed, they knew very little about raising and gathering food in the new land. Their first winter was very hard. They did not have enough to eat. 102 of them had landed at Plymouth. 45 of them died during the winter. Only four adult women survived the winter. Most of the women who died were mothers, who gave their food to their children. The children lived, the mothers starved.

The Native Americans taught the settlers how to gather food, real food, and they learned. Only 53 of them were alive to celebrate the first Thanksgiving. Instead of being crushed by the horror of the first winter, they were thankful for the good food they now had, and they gave thanks.

I Am Thankful for Real Food

Real food saved my life and restored my health. What more can I say? Real food, the food our ancestors ate for uncounted generations, gives our bodies exactly what we need to function. Every process and function of our bodies depends on real food. Factory food puts substances in our bodies that they do not know how to process or digest. Factory food lacks vital nutrient combinations our bodies need to function properly.

A balanced diet of real food gives our bodies everything we need to function superbly.

We thrive on real food. I am so blessed to be able to get it. Yet S510 threatens to take real food away from me, and every one of us.

I Am Thankful to Farmers Who Raise Real Food

There would be no real food without real farmers. These farmers do the most important job on Earth, using their skill and knowledge to raise the wonderful real food we need. It takes much more skill and effort to raise real food. These farmers do not take the easy way of using pesticides and artificial fertilizers. They do not take the easy way of sending their livestock to a feedlot to be stuffed full of GMO grains and other unnatural feeds. They do not implant artificial hormones or give antibiotics to cause their animals to grow at twice the natural rate.

They use the wisdom of the soil, the nature of their crops and animals, and their own hard-won experience, to raise nourishing food that is a blessing to all who eat it. They work with the laws of nature, rather than violating them.

They do not exhaust the soil, but replenish it. They renew and revitalize the land.

I am thankful to each and every one of these noble farmers.

They deserve to be protected from S510, which could enable the FDA to destroy their farms, and make sustainable farming methods a crime.

I Am Thankful to Everyone Who Fights S510

Freedom to choose what we eat is so basic that almost everybody takes it for granted. Americans have enjoyed this freedom for almost all of our history. Yet S510 threatens this freedom, by threatening the very existence of real food.

If we cannot get real food, we cannot choose to eat it.

I am thankful to all who have fought this bill. If not for them, it would have become law long ago. Now there is hope that it will not pass. Even if it does pass, the Tester amendment will give some protection to small farmers. However, the big agricultural industry is trying to get the Tester amendment removed, because they want their competition eliminated.

It is very frustrating to call your representatives, and to write them. Most of the time, you end up speaking to people who do not seem interested in what you are saying, and are being polite without listening. Or you get canned responses to your emails and letters. Or you have a lot of trouble getting through on the phone. Sometimes, you get a condescending letter or a lecture. If you try to meet with your representatives, they are always busy. In the meantime, lobbyists for Big Ag get all the time and personal responses they could want.

Yet, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of us have continued to call, and write, and email, and we continue. Because our freedom and our very ability to stay healthy is at stake.

I am thankful to everybody who has spoken against this evil bill.

I am thankful to everyone who has emailed their representatives.

I am thankful to everyone who has called their representatives.

I am thankful to everyone who has blogged and written to oppose S510

Here is a link to an easy way to contact all your representatives:

Stop S.510

Please contact your representatives, and ask them to oppose S510, or at least make sure the Tester amendment is not removed.

And I am thankful to you too.

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